Alfie: VEST’s Head of Security

Hi there!  My name is Alfie and I spend most of my days helping out in the Vest Community Transport office.  Unofficially I am Head of Security. Each day is different but the goal is the same, to make sure all our customers enjoy safe, comfortable journeys.

This morning we arrived at 7:30 and  after making a quick morning cuppa, Caroline and I set to work.  First job of the day is:-

To make sure all the vehicles are clean, fuelled and checked.  Every day is special but today is particularly special because we have some very exciting trips to do.

We have our Golden Oldies group on a shopping trip to Street in Somerset, those girls know how to shop.  We have our Sully Pensioners going for a slap up meal in St Athan’s Golf Club (let’s hope they behave themselves there, it’s very posh). We are taking a lovely lady to Glamorgan Holiday Home in Porthcawl where she will have a week of  rest and relaxation and we hope some sunshine.

All this is on top our day centre and ring and ride work.  No wonder I am exhausted at the end of the day.

We love our customers here; I really like the ones who send me in squeaky toys and doggy sweets.

If your group would like to have a fun day out shopping, eating, relaxing anywhere in the UK, call Caroline on

02920 490335 for a price and driver availability.

Individuals can access our Ring and Ride and Dial a Bus services.  Just click the link on the site for further information.