VEST Break In


Hi there!  It’s Alfie, head of security at VEST Community Transport.  This week has been a difficult one for us here at headquarters.  I arrived Monday morning with Caroline to start the week.  We had 120 people booked onto trips for the day and the sun was shining.  But when we got inside we realised something was wrong.  Over the weekend someone had broken in to our building and stolen both our safes.  We were devastated.


There wasn’t much money in the safes.  They were of no use to the people who had taken them.  But they had taken all our bus keys.  It was a very sad day for us.  We couldn’t take out a single bus and had to cancel every booking.  I helped Caroline sort the paperwork, she talked to the police and our insurers and phoned our drivers.  We searched high and low in the nearby areas but couldn’t find any keys.


It was a bad day but we had to get back out there.  A local locksmith fitted new building locks, we hired a new security guard to cover the nights when I’m not around and got new locks fitted in our buses.  The older buses were easiest and by Tuesday we had three buses back out there.  We were back in business.  It took Caroline a bit longer to find someone who could sort the locks on our newer buses, but on Wednesday we got someone in.  By Thursday we had our entire fleet on the road.


We are all very sorry to all our customers who were disappointed this week.  We are back to service as normal.  Thank you all for being so patient and understanding.