VEST – How we are helping during the Covid-19 Lockdown

The last eight weeks have been a difficult time for everyone in the UK as restrictions due to COVID-19 have affected all aspects of life across all communities. We at VEST have had to adjust the way we work to ensure that those people who are vulnerable and need our assistance still receive the help that is needed.  No one is forgotten about or left without necessities. From ringing our valued members to ensure that they are coping in these difficult times to delivering shopping or picking up prescriptions, we have met these challenges head-on and hope we are making a real difference to the lives of people within our community.Vest SHopping

In addition to our normal lines of work, we are working alongside several other groups in the community on various projects. We continue to help to deliver medication for our local pharmacies who are struggling to keep up with the new demands Covid-19 has put on their delivery service. Our team also supported Cardiff Council with the delivery of meals to hundreds of school children who are at home during the lockdown. Over the weeks our network of help has extended to include delivering meals and essentials alongside other groups such as ACT Training, Moorland Road Day Centre, and Food for Life Wales Hare Krishna Charity.Vest Working Together

We will remain vigilant in our efforts here at VEST.  We promise to continue to support the most vulnerable within our community both our existing customers and the wider community.  We want to assure everyone that we are still operating and are here for you. Please call us on 02920 490335 if you need us.