Our trustees

Our trustees are responsible for the overall management of the charity. They make decisions about how we spend our money and which services we need to run. All our trustees are volunteers.  Our trustees are Dave Palmer, Christine Davies, Martin Healey, Hugh Edney, Rob Green and Ceri Witchard.

Dave Palmer is our chairman. He is a retired civil engineer and was responsible for creating our governance documents. He has written our policy and procedures documents to make sure we follow best practice in company and charity legislation.

Martin Healey is a retired IT consultant and Professor at the University of Wales.  He became our treasurer in 2015 and is responsible for maintaining the trust’s accounts.

Christine Davies is retired from the finance office at the Department of Employment.  She joined VEST 40 years ago as a driver.

Rob Green is also a volunteer driver.  He previously worked in the planning and estates department of local government for more years than he cares to remember!

Ceri Witchard joined VEST Community Transport as a trustee in 2015. She works at Companies House in Cardiff and is responsible for our marketing and communications.