Cardiff Ring & Ride

Ring & Ride is a dedicated service for Cardiff residents. Our buses will take you anywhere in Cardiff between 9.30am- 4pm Monday to Thursday, and 9.30-3.30pm on Friday – and bring you back home. We can take you to your doctor’s surgery, to see friends, to go shopping, or most any other journey in Cardiff you would like to make. But, please note we won’t take you to hospital appointments. The NHS provides a free hospital transport service for this purpose.

To use Ring & Ride you have to register with us. Just call on 029 20 490325 and we will take you through the procedure.

Ring and Ride is funded in the main by Cardiff Council, but you also are required to make a small contribution depending on the distance you wish to travel. Once you have registered you are welcome to call at 11.00 am. the day before you wish to travel to book your journey. If you need to use Ring & Ride to attend a doctor’s appointment you can make your booking up to three days in advance.